workshop IN ENGLISH &FRENCH - 4 JUNE 2017

09:30 - 12:30

Welcome to our next yoga workshop which will explore through both theory & practice the power of our hormone cycles & how to optimise these energies through a daily yoga practice ! 

Following our previous workshop "An Introduction to the Chakras" this workshop will help to understand the interaction between our biological hormonal life & the chakra system.


Throughout history mankind has believed that only women have hormonal cycles. Finally more & more men are coming to realise that they too are subject to these cyclic laws of nature !



09h30 - 10h30 :

-       Introduction

-       How can a workshop on hormones be useful for our lives ?

-       Valentina Salonna’s journey to the practice & how she became an expert in Hormonal Yoga

-       Hormonal yoga practice to wake up the body. (Simple powerful postures for all levels of practice).

-       Breathing exercises

-       Short relaxation to awaken the concentration


10h30 :          Tea break and healthy nibbles


10h45 - 12h30 :         

-       The relationship between Chakras and Hormones

-       Specific Asanas (yoga poses) for chakras and hormones

-       Male & Female hormonal cycles

-       The Great Discovery

-       Mantra chanting for horomal balance




V. Salonna prayer portrait.jpg

“Freedom is being me without anyone’s permission”

I am Valentina Salonna, I come from Italy – Puglia – and I am in the final year of my PhD in Life Sciences. My scientific research in biology and medicine at the University of Lausanne is focused on

 “Yoga therapy and Mindfulness. How yoga has become a complementary medicine in Switzerland

My field of expertise is Yoga since I started at the very young age in the womb of my mother. My father teaches yoga since almost 50 years and he is 74. In the frame of this discipline and art of living, I became an entrepreneur, a yoga teacher and therapist, a sexology consultant, expert in fertility awareness and natural conception & contraception.

From the article



They come into our live’s from day one

They become a mystery once we reach puberty

They are hated or loved

But are rarely in balance

and if so, you are the lucky one, it seems.

They give you pain

They make you moody

They transform all your body parts & not always in the ways you'd like

But all in all, we come to realize:

We need them to survive

We need to stop ignoring them & instead see them

We need to listen to them to make our lives run more smoothly

and finally

we need to love them hard so they love us back !!!




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