Our private classes give you the opportunity to benefit from the personalised attention of the teacher of your choice. This can be ideal for those wishing to build confidence or to focus on specific physical elements.

We will begin by taking time to understand your motivations for choosing private classes and the objectives you wish to achieve. We’ll then explain which aspects of yoga, in its globality, will be beneficial to you.

Your classes will be tailor-made, involving just the right balance of philosophy, breath work, physical practice & meditation to meet your needs. Furthermore we will select specific techniques or postures in each of these categories that are proven to achieve the benefits that you have defined.

We’ve had the privilege of serving a broad range of requirements, including:

  • Novices wishing to begin their practice by ensuring they have good foundations

  • Experienced practitioners wishing to deepen their practice or overcome hurdles

  • Those drawn to yoga as a form of Life Coaching

  • Those seeking restorative yoga to support their convalesence