Join the fleur de vie team


We would be delighted to welcome passionate & inspiring teachers to our team of 16 dynamic people.

Given that we offer classes of yoga, Pilates and Meditation, we would be interested to hear from other complimentary disciplines. Just bear in mind that there are no shoes allowed inside the studio.

Please reach out for more details !


We would be equally delighted to welcome you into our operational team of 8 people. Given that Fleur de Vie is a startup, only in it’s 3rd year, we’re not in a position to offer financial remuneration.

Instead we propose an exchange of services. You will receive a free membership at the studio, entitling you access to more than 30 classes of wellness per week, in return for your collaboration with us. You choose the membership which appeals to you the most, and the financial value is exchanged for your time calculated at CHF 25 p/h.

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