First Yoga Class



We’re delighted to offer you a 50% discount on your first class. To benefit from this discounted rate of CHF 17 + VAT, please apply the promotional code: ESSAI2019

If you don't possess a bank card which permits payments online, please contact us for more details.



If you're a complete beginner you're best choosing one of the Soft Yoga classes in GREEN on the planning. If you're sporty the medium in ORANGE should be ok. 

You can find a description of each class by clicking on it on the planning, or the auto-bio of the teacher on the Your Teachers page. 



It's mandatory to reserve your place in class as this allows us to optimise the planning. Click on the class you've chosen on the calendar & you'll be asked to login or 'create an account'. This can be done quickly simply with your e-mail & name. 

Purchase the 'Trial Class Pass' either from the prices page or directly from your account. Once you have a valid pass the system will allow you to reserve your first class.



Providing you follow our guidelines for the intensity, you shouldn't feel pushed beyond what’s comfortable for you. We adapt the sequence to suit the experience of those present. Let us know if you have any injuries or special requirements, such as being pregnant & we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.



The philosophy of yoga is one of unity, in other words of non-competition. There’s a tendency in western culture to want to rush through the levels. However, the fundamentals are absolutely essential. An incorrect ‘foundation’ creates mis-alignment which is accentuated the further the posture is developed. Therefore even in advanced classes, we regularly re-visit the foundations. The presence of a beginner is a great opportunity for all of us to go back to basics and iron out any bad habits, while also benefitting from a chance to work on one’s ego, overcoming the desire to succeed. 



There are male/ female changing areas & a shower available. It’s best to wear light, sports clothing, in which you can stretch without feeling constrained. Usually feet are bare for better grounding & balance. Try to avoid heavy meals 2 - 3 hours before class to have a light stomach. 

We provide yoga mats, but you are of course welcome to bring your own if you prefer.



to share the joy of those discovering yoga for the first time. Whatever your age, gender, faith or background, you are of course more than welcome. However far you want to take it, yoga practice is such a precious moment of giving to oneself, surrounded by great energy. 

We very much look forward to sharing this adventure with you!