"Finding your comfortable

seat with your hips"


Dorota Lecka

Sunday 6 May 2018

09:30 - 12:30




Release all that does not serve you. Explore your body, mind and spirit

in this heated flow practice focused on deep hip openings. Finding your seat creates space and ease, to move towards the more subtle part of your practice--pranayama. You will shift resistance into surrender and find a deep release in your physical and subtle body.


In this workshop we will study the anatomy of the hip joint as well as emotional side that our hips may hide. We will discover muscles and deep tissues that are responsible for opening the range of movement in the hip socket. In the same time, deepening the self-awareness of the emotional side of our hips will allow us to see how can we deepen our practice on a non-physical level, inviting more self care and wellness onto our mat. 




1 strap, 1 block, 1 bolster, 1 blanket and something to make notes



9.30-9.50 anatomy of the hip joint

9.50-10.30 pranayama/subtle work on the hip socket/visualisation

10.30-12.15 asana practice

12.15-12.30 closing meditation, questions/answers



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Dorota Lecka is a professional dancer and choreographer. Yoga practice and teaching came along her education as a contemporary dancer in 2004.

Tasting various traditions and styles of Yoga (Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini,) she found her own way of connecting clarity of Iyengar’s alignments

as well as flow and connection to breathe from Ashtanga tradition. 

After years of self practice and inspiration from different teachers, in 2015 she completed her certification by Yogaworks, USA. 

As Yoga teacher she is mostly offering Vinyasa Flow classes, where she connects with the students through hands on adjustments. 

Her teaching is grounded, full of consciously directed energy and positive inspiration.

Dorota is regularly teaching in Yogaworks Lausanne and Atelier Ooom. 




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