workshop IN ENGLISH - 7 may 2017

09:30 - 12:30

o   Have you wondered what the chakras are, or how to apply them to your life?


o   Have you been through periods where your security felt threatened and maybe you had trouble sleeping?

    Discover how walking barefoot on the earth grounds your root chakra and might help you re-discover the careless freedom of your inner child.


o   Do you sometimes have eyes that are bigger than your stomach? Or feelings of guilt?

    Connect with the sweet pleasure of the 2nd chakra to tune in to what it is that you really need, what you don’t & what you’re ready to let go.


o   Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all you have to do?

    Balancing the Solar Plexus will give you clarity on what really matters, release the stress & open the doorway to the higher chakras, beginning with the heart!


The chakra system is an ancient map

of how and where the physical body and psychological body intersect. Join me as we embark upon a journey though the system to de-mystify this powerful tool that will take your yoga practice to a much deeper level.

There are 7 major chakras starting at the base of the spine up through the crown of the head.  Chakra in Sanskrit means, “wheel” and is often described as hubs of swirling energy that correlate with specific emotions and parts of the body.  When the chakras are opened and balanced, energy or prana can flow.  This free flow of energy can help resolve any emotional issues or physical illnesses, which leads to optimal health and wellbeing


In this workshop, we will:

Ø  Introduce the 7 chakras and identify the emotions and body parts associated with each one

Ø  Activate each chakra with specific yoga poses

Ø  Utilize mudras, pranayama and essential oils to deepen our experience of the chakras

Ø  Understand the relationship between the chakras and the developmental phases of life

Ø  Discover how the chakras can be used as a tool for self-exploration by recognizing deficient or excessive qualities  

Ø  Gain awareness of emotions or traumas stored within the chakras that hold you back from living more freely and purposefully

Ø  Learn healing strategies and lifestyle approaches for balancing each chakra.


The workshop is a combination of lecture and yoga practice that ends with a guided meditation to leave your whole system feeling balanced and rejuvenated.

 It is open to all levels including beginners.  Please email any questions to




Brooke discovered yoga over 15 years ago while attending university in the United States.  Yoga has been a guiding transformational force in her life, leading her to far off places where she found inspiring teachers for whom she is forever grateful. 

While traveling and living abroad in China and India she completed a yoga teacher training at Yoga Vidya Dham in Nasik, India in 2006.  Her yoga practice also inspired a passion for healthy food and conscious living.  This compelled her to gain further training as a holistic health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  

She continues to explore the world beyond the physical postures of yoga, diving further into the meditative and spiritual gifts of a dedicated yoga practice. Her classes are moving meditations that focus on building strength both physically and mentally.  She enjoys running barefoot in the sand with her husband and two children, creating healthy meals, and dancing like no one is looking.


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